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Residential Apartments In Islamabad | The Garden Residence

The Garden Residency offers 1,2,3 bed newly build luxury residential apartments with amenities facilities in Islamabad.A modern lifestyle affordable
Residential Apartments Islamabad | SM Realty & Marketing Blog 

The Garden Residence offers one, two, and three beds new build luxury residential apartments with amenities in Islamabad. Modern lifestyle at an affordable price, where you can live your life in a peaceful environment.The garden residence offers all living facilities and services to its real estate clients. There are three towers separately for 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. The philosophy of this residential project is to offer a modern lifestyle to clients. The main features of the buildings are city views, Jinnah Park view and hill view.

Product Line | The Garden Residence Islamabad

he product line divided into three parts where developers are offering in high-rise buildings are;
One-Bed Apartments In Tower A: Tower – A belongs to 1-bed apartments from floors 3 to 11. One-bedroom apartments are categorized into different types. All types of 1-bed apartments are unique in their sizes, features, and location views.
Two-bed apartments in tower B: Bedrooms with two beds start from floors 13th to 26th. 2-bed apartments include two beds with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, and a dining area. They have different sizes in 7 categories.
Three-bed apartments in Tower C: These three apartments start from the 3rd to the 34th Floors. 3-bed apartment divided into five different categories where you have three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, kitchen, guest toilet, laundry, and parking space for residents.

The Architecture of Building | SM Realty And Marketing Blog

Architecture is the most crucial part of the building. In the case of the garden residence, the architecture of the building internally and externally is a mixture of nature-friendly, simple, high-tech materials for the sustainability of the building, and cultural backgrounds, emphasizing clarity, functionality-based design, and architecture.

In garden residency Islamabad, over 75% area is for sports and health-related activities. To keep modern designs continuing to evolve and influence contemporary design trends, you can see the usage of technical advancement to protect the building and human lives in building designs.

Amenities | The Garden Residence Islamabad

Amenities are the most essential feature of any real estate product. The Garden residence offers the following amenities in its projects.
Swimming Pool: Swimming pool in their plan for real estate clients with international standards with complete functional maintenance and services.
CafĂ© Lounge: Plan to serve services for client’s guests in the common place with tasty food, beverages, and desserts.
Long Tennis Courts: Highly upgraded and modern long tennis courts for residents to maintain fitness and health with beautiful tennis sports. GYM; Gym is now an important part of human life to keep fit. Training services also available in the garden residence.
Badminton Courts: Badminton and other sports activities are specially for kids, women, and men.
Cycling Tracks: The cycling tracks is design for lovers.
SNOOKER Tables; Mind suing sports activities for wise people is also available in the shape of snooker Table.
SQUASH COURTS: A famous Pakistan sport where Pakistan players ruled for 35 years. A facility to rebuild the sport of Squash.
TABLE TENNIS:Very safe game of table tennis where you can play and to pend a healthy time with friends.
Basket Ball Pitch: A game of youth you can play in the garden residence
Lockers: It is an important feature for residents to save their documents, money, and properties in full complete secure lockers.
Library: A space for readers available in all three towers.
Laundry: Services for washing clothes are provided.
Parking: 1 car park for each resident with security and CCTV cameras for real estate clients.
Day Care: A well-organized day care center will help residents especially kids, young’s and old to spend a trouble-free work time

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Competitors:The garden residence Islamabad

Competitors are always good in business. They force businesses to improve their services and products. There are two big competitors in market the garden garden residence in Islamabad are:

Silver Oaks Islamabad: Offers accommodation and apartments for living and renting.
Sukh Chayn Islamabad: Offers accommodation and apartments for living and renting.

Physical Location | The Garden Residence Islamabad

10th Avenue, Opposite to Capital Park F10/4- f10 Islamabad capital, Pakistan


The garden residence Islamabad provides luxury residential apartments for living in the heart of Islamabad for real estate agents. The garden residence offers 1,2, and 3-bedroom apartments with all kinds of modern health, sports, and domestic services for its clients at affordable prices in the city of the capital Islamabad, Pakistan.

Where is Islamabad?

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan located in north Punjab. One of the most beautiful capitals in the world with natural greenery and mountains.

What mean by residential apartments?

Residential apartments are term use for small space in combine building. It includes many services under one roof.

What are luxury apartments?

Luxury apartments are high-end residential properties that offer an elevated level of comfort, quality, and amenities compared to standard apartments. These apartments are designed to cater to individuals who seek a more luxurious and upscale living experience. Luxury apartments typically come with a range of features and services that go beyond the basic necessities of housing.

Why residential apartments use for?

Residential apartments are primarily used as living spaces for individuals and families. They serve as places of residence and provide a comfortable and secure environment for people to live, sleep, and carry out their daily activities

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