Invest Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 Commercial Real Estate

Invest in Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 Commercial Real Estate Plots

Bahria town Rawalpindi Phase 8 is a part of Bahria town Rawalpindi. Amongst all 8 sectors, it is the largest sector of phase 8. Bahria Phase 8
Invest Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 Commercial Real Estate

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8

Bahria town Rawalpindi Phase 8 is a part of Bahria town Rawalpindi. Amongst all 8 sectors, it is the largest sector of phase 8. Bahria Phase 8 is located between Grand Trunk Road and Soan River. It has beautiful locations, landscapes, and rivers. In Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8, 50% area has developed. There are 70% residential plots and 30% commercial plots. This ratio in residential and commercial Plots is a good opportunity for investors to invest in Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8. There are many commercial plots in Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8 i.e. business district, Ring road commercial, Sector M & E(eco) commercials, Sector G & P commercials, Liner commercial, Hub commercial, and Bahria orchard phase 8 commercial plots, etc. There are different numbers of commercial Plots in Marla’s i.e., 1.5, 2.5,5,8,10,20 and 40 Marla plus sizes.

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Investing in Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 Main Commercial Areas

There are different sectors and zones where commercial plots are located in Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8.

Bahria business district Phase 8

Bahria business district is the main hub of commercial activities in phase 8 Rawalpindi. It is divided into two zones known as “Business district north” and “Business District South”. The business district in both zones has commercial plots of 5, 10, 20, and 40 Marla plus sizes. There 500 plus commercials are available for investment in the business district.

 This is a suitable area for real estate investment for the long term because of the development of phase 8 residential areas. The worth of real estate investment in commercial plots will increase. I think real estate investors should plan to invest here for a minimum of three years. There are very good services of security and maintenance provided by Bahria town for investors and developers in business district areas.

Opportunities Of Investment In Business District Phase 8

There is a new opportunity to invest in business district phase 8 in 5 Marla commercial plots. it is a new product for real estate investors to buy plots on two-year installments plan. Initially, real estate clients have to pay a 50% down payment to book a plot and the rest amount of the capital need to pay over three years in 8 installments. The new cutting of plots is ready for construction and development. There are many all-due clear plots available in different sizes and the prices of commercial plots start at 60 million PRK per five Marla in the business district.

Investing Ring Road Commercial Bahria Phase 8 Rawalpindi

Ring road commercial plots are located along the main Bahria Expressway phase 8. The best thing about these plots is the main boulevard road of a Bahria town phase 8. There are over 200 plots on the ring road. The sizes of ring road commercial plots are 5 Marla. This is a good option for medium or low-budget real estate investors to invest 40 million PRK or fewer amounts. The area is fully developed and ready for development and construction. I think it is a suitable location for a small project for investing and rental properties.

Investing In Sector G & P Commercial Plots in Bahria Phase 8

Bahria town Rawalpindi phases 8 sectors G and P has over 1000 residential plots. The number of plots in both sectors is creating an opportunity for commercial plots in these sectors. There is a 120ft wide main Bahria expressway where both sectors are located. Although both sectors considered developing residential sectors. There are 5 Marla commercial plots available in sector G and 1 kanal size lots in sector P. Here, real estate investors have an opportunity to invest for a minimum of five years. As I mention, this area is in the developing stages so it takes time to give you a fruitful rate of return on investment. The prices of five Marla plots are lower than other commercial areas.

Bahria town Rawalpindi Phase 8 is a part of Bahria town Rawalpindi. Amongst all 8 sectors, it is the largest sector of phase 8. Bahria Phase 8
Bahria business district Phase 8

Opportunities Investing In Sector G & P Commercial Plots in Bahria Phase 8

Five Marla plots in Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8 sector G are available in installments. Real estate investors initially pay a 60% down payment and the rest amount of the capital need to pay in 1-year time duration in 3 installments.

One kanal sizes plot is available in Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8 sector. Here, you can buy one kanal plot for 120 Million PRK. While if I compare the plot prices with the business district one kanal plot. Sector P plots are 100 million PRK are less in price. However, this investment also suits long-term investors for five years and more.

Investing Lake View Commercial Plots Bahria Phase 8

Lake View commercial plots investment considers mega capital investing in real estate. There are big sizes of plots in lake view of more than 5 kanal plots sizes. The location is suitable for shopping malls, brands, and luxury residential apartments. This kind of location demand shareholders or companies to invest in commercial projects.

Opportunities to Invest In Lake View Bahria Town Phase 8

As I mentioned, this kind of commercial real estate demands capital to invest in commercial plots. The best way to investing is through capital investment trusts or investment groups. Investing through an investment trust, and groups keep you away from the headache of paperwork and liberalizations. However, Interest or profit on investment is limited.

Investing In Bahria Orchard Phase 8 Rawalpindi Commercial Plots

Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8 orchard is a residential sector of 5000 residential plots and 500 commercial plots. There are 5 and 8 Marla commercial plots in Bahria town Rawalpindi. The location of Bahria town is 1000 meters away from the bahria expressway. Bahria Orchard is over 80% non-developed. In the future bahria orchard access to Rawalpindi ring road. There are more than five main boulevard roads of 80ft wide.

Opportunities Investing In Orchard Bahria Town Phase 8 Commercial Plots

There are 5 and 8 Marla commercial plots in Bahria Orchard Phase 8 Rawalpindi. Investing in Bahria Orchard requires a long-term investment of 5 to 8 years. It is a long-term investment because of the non-development of the Bahria orchard. This is a good opportunity for long-term investors who has a low amount of capital to invest in commercial real estate. Their prices are very low from other commercial sector plots in Bahria Orchard. The Prices start to invest in Bahria orchard commercial plots from 13 million PRK for five Marla and 20 million PRK for 8 Marla plots.

Other Investing opportunity In Commercial Real Estate Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8

There are 1.5 and 2.5 Marla plots in different sectors of Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8. These plots are good for very low-capital investors. Here you can invest in commercial real estate plots from 4 million PRK to 10 million depending on the location of the plot.

Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8 commercial plots

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 offers commercial plots investing for those interested in establishing businesses or making commercial investments within the development. The availability and specific details of commercial plots can vary, so it's recommended to consult with the real estate agents or reach out to their sales and marketing department for the most accurate and up-to-date information on commercial plot options in Phase 8.

Investing in commercial real estate in Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8 here some factors that need to look before investments.

1. Location: Evaluate the location of the commercial plot within Phase 8. Factors such as proximity to major roads, high footfall areas, residential communities, and amenities can impact the success of your commercial real estate investments.
2. Infrastructure and Amenities: Consider the available infrastructure and amenities in the commercial area of Phase 8. Access to utilities, road networks, parking facilities, and nearby services can contribute to the convenience and attractiveness of your commercial venture.
3. Market Analysis: Investors should conduct a market analysis to understand the demand and potential for commercial properties in Bahria town Rawalpindi Phase 8. Consider factors such as rental rates, market trends, competition, and the target audience to assess the viability of your investment.
4. Consultation of Realtors: Real estate investors require a professional suggestion before investing in commercial real estate. Real estate agents have a better understating of the local real estate market. The great secrets of success in commercial real estate investment are locality. So real estate investors need to understand the local market of real estate to get successful investments. To understand the behavior of the local real estate market, real estate agents play a vital role. The best way to judge real estate agents is through communication.
5. Future Prediction: The future of real estate investment is hard to predict. There are two elements in real estate that affect your real estate investments. i.e. Internal business environment and External business environment. It’s easier to predict the internal business environment rather than the external environment.
i) Internal Business Environment: In real estate internal business environment belongs to the development of the area including road networks, business services, residential area development, and the interest of developers in commercial real estate. These factors you can predict before investment. Speed of land development and residential development increases the chances of your investment progress.
ii) External Business Environment: In real estate, external factors affect commercial real estate investing. It can delay getting profit from commercial real investing. Investing in real estate remains in profit. However, government rules and regulations policies, increase real estate transfer fees, taxation, the impact of political situations on business, natural disasters, and economic situations including an external business environment. However, These environments are not constant. It changes according to the situation. External factors can delay or reduce your returns on investment (ROI).

Overall Bahria town Rawalpindi's commercial investment in plots remains profitable as Bahria town is a well-established brand. Real estate investors have great opportunities to invest in Bahria town Rawalpindi commercial real estate. Investment in commercial plots is always profitable. It requires time and capital amount to invest in. It is important to consider the internal and external business environment. The most important thing is the consultation of real estate professionals in the process of investing in real estate.

Important FAQ's Investing Bahria Town Rawalpindi commercial Real Estate 2023

What is bahria town?

Bahria town is the most advance private housing in Pakistan owned by Malik Riaz Hussein

What bahria offers in commercial real estate?

Bahria town offers commercial real estate plots of 2.5 Marla, 5, 8,10,20,40 and 80 Marla plots.

How many commercial projects in bahria town?

Bahria town has commercial projects in 7 Pakistan’s city i.e. Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi I and II, Lahore, Nawabshah and Peshawar is coming.

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