Bahria Town Peshawar Open New Investment Doors : 2024

Bahria Town Peshawar Open New Investment Doors2023

Bahria Town Peshawar
Bahria Town Peshawar 

Bahria Town Peshawar is the 7th housing project of Bahria town. It is a real estate developer organization work since 1996. Malik Raiz Hussian a founder of bahria town delivered 6 successful real estate projects in the last 27 years. The journey of success on the road in 2023. Bahria town Peshawar is the 6th project of Bahria town finally ready for operation. This project's main location is on the outskirts of the capital city of Peshawar, The northwest province of Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KKP).

According to Malik Raiz:

“This project will play a significant role in the economic and industrial development of the country and will bring Peshawar at par with the other developed international cities, Bahria Town has designed a master-planned community for Peshawar where all the world-class amenities including latest medical and educational facilities, commercial areas, mosques, community centers, intricate infrastructure, and road network, parks, etc. will be made available in most affordable prices.”

Bahria town is the biggest real estate development authority that creates job opportunities, and investment opportunities in commercial, residential, luxury real estate, and social services i.e. schools, hospitals, and charity organizations. Collectively, Bahria town itself is the source of opportunities for many non-real estate businesses. Bahria town Peshawar will open new doors of investments for the people of Pakistan. It will bring a positive impact on the Pakistani economy.

Bahria town Peshawar seems different for the people of Peshawar, It will move advance in terms of lifestyle and development. Development advancement of technology and artificial intelligence will be major factors that create an impact on people's life and compete with Bahria town’s main competitors in KPK real estate market. Overall, Bahria town brings opportunities for investments, innovations, employment, and the construction industry.

Bahria Town Peshawar 2023:

Bahria town Peshawar was expected to launch any time. At last, it’s decided to start a new venture in real estate by Bahria town authority. Although it is a tough business environment in the country where political instability is continuous since 2022, the poor economic situation, low investment rate, high-interest rate, inflation, and natural disasters are at their peak.

 All these factors are big threats to business growth. However, Pakistani real estate deals with cash leverage, saving of people, and foreign investments of overseas Pakistanis. The concept of debits is only a positive factor for Bahria town Peshawar's success at the moment. Moreover, it depends on Bahria town's business strategy to deal in the real estate market.

Introduction of Bahria Town Peshawar 2023

Bahria town Peshawar per-launch event took place on July 10, 2023. In per-lunched we have seen the Country head of Bahria town gave a brief session to real estate investors and main key players dealers. Now it is expected to lunch the official Bahria town Peshawar on the 14th of August 2023.

Google Maps Show the location of bahria town peshawar head office are site map
Map shows the location of housing society

Bahria town Peshawar initially launch residential real estate projects of 5,8,10,20 and 40 Marla plots in non-develop and developed forms. This mega project is located on 100,000 Kanal or 10,000 acres. Bahria town Peshawar site location is Panam dheri, outskirts Peshawar KPK.

 Bahria town Peshawar in 2023 people's expectations are being developed modern and technological advancement development from Bahria town. It should be different from than rest of Bahria town's previous projects. This project will include, residential, commercial, and luxury projects. Moreover, official services and facilities of Bahria town include parks, grand mosques, zoos, sports centers, education institutions, hospitals, etc.

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Bahria Town Peshawar Competitors

Bahria town Peshawar faces competition in Peshawar real estate market. There are few competitors in Peshawar real estate market for Bahria town. Competition is good to improve services and facilities. Bahria town has massive financial capital, client-age, infrastructure of machinery and development, Technological advancement, and a group of investors to compete with real estate competitors in Peshawar.

Factors Overcome Real Estate Competitor's Pressure and Competitive Edge

1. Location
2. Diversified Portfolio
3. Value-added Services
4. Innovation and Technology
5. Sustainable and Green Initiatives
6. Networking and Partnerships
7. Customer Engagement
8. Financial Stability
9. Competitive Pricing and Incentives
10. Legal Compliance
11. Brand Reputation
12. Market Research and Analysis

The above 12 factors Bahria town needs to review and try to implement in the bahria town Peshawar project to get a competitive edge against its competitors. Bahria Town needs to use all these steps in its marketing campaigns to attract customers. Moreover, Bahria town is internally strong in finance, location size, marketing, development infrastructure, market research and externally dealing with government and investors.

Main Bahria Town Peshawar Existing Competitors In Peshawar Real Estate Market

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Peshawar: DHA Peshawar is the main and tough competitor of Bahria town Peshawar in the real estate market in Peshawar. DHA has had operations in different cities of Pakistan and Peshawar for the last 9 years. In Peshawar, they are offering residential and commercial projects. In residential real estate there 5,10,20, and 40 Marla plots in Sector A to D, and commercial plots of 4marla to 4 Kanal. The total notified area of DHA Peshawar is 17,000 acres.

Park View City Peshawar: Park View City is another prominent real estate development in Peshawar that offers residential and commercial plots, as well as various amenities in Peshawar.

Regi Model Town: It is a pure government project dealt with by local bodies. It is a residential real estate project. It has a main location connected to Peshawar road which is linked with Nasir bagh road. This is a boasting society because of the commercial and services of hospitals, parks, shopping malls, retail shops grounds, zoos, schools, colleges, and universities. All services are available for residents within 10 km areas.

Hayatabad: Hayatabad is a well-renounced area of Peshawar city. It is a very old residential area where people love to live. It is a completely developed area where you can find all the basic needs of daily lifestyle. The densely populated area of Peshawar is always a tough competitor for new players in the market. It’s hard to change people's minds about new real estate housing societies.

Citi Housing Peshawar: Recently Cities Housing announced its new venture in Peshawar real estate market. They are tough competitors for Bahria town Peshawar. Cities Housing already delivered 5 successful housing projects in different cities of Punjab. They have good development on time delivery projects. Cities housing has a less covered (1000 acres) area than bahria town and DHA. However, the product line is similar to Bahria town or Nova city Peshawar.

Overall, Bahria Town's main competitors are DHA Peshawar and Hayatabad. It is hard to change the public mind to live in new societies. It will be a good investment opportunity in Bahria town Peshawar.DHA Peshawar is specific for arms-related people. Hayatabad is well-populated and equipped with all kinds of services. However, Nova City Peshawar and Cities housing Peshawar are small real estate projects which are not good for long-term real estate investment.

Bahria Town Peshawar Real Estate Products:

Bahria Town Peshawar offers residential real estate products in the initial stages.

Residential Real Estate Products

There are different Plots sizes in bahria town Peshawar
  • 5 Marla (25x45)
  • 8 Marla (30 x 55)
  • 10 Marla (35 x70)
  • 20 Marla (50 x 90)
  • 40 Marla (75 x 120)

Commercial Real Estate Projects:

Commercial projects are the basic needs of any society. Bahria Town Peshawar must offer different sizes of commercial plots to its clients and investors. It is expected to offer different sizes of commercial plots from 2.5 Marla to up to 10 canals for small and mega projects.

Luxury Real Estate Projects

Usually offered by private developers. However, In modern living and is a requirement from customers.

Semi Villas: Bahria town officially offers villas for its real estate clients. Let's see what sizes of villas Bahria Town Peshawar will offer and when.

Bahria Town Peshawar Investment Opportunities

Bahria Town Peshawar is an attractive investment opportunity for real estate clients and investors. It is a new project in Bahira town so it takes time to convert real estate clients’ investment In ROI. It seems a step-by-step investment from files to plots, residential, commercial, and villas. Bahria town Peshawar is an opportunity for investment for a long time. Usually, an investment takes 3 to 10 years for a good amount of profits in most cases.

In 2023 Bahria town Peshawar will bring good investment opportunities for overseas Pakistanis and local people of Pakistan especially from Peshawar for construction. Bahria town always offers the best standard lifestyle for local and international people.

In Pakistan's current economic situation, Bahria town will offer low prices of plots. Real estate clients who are looking for their dream house in the next 5 years. Bharia town Peshawar will allow them to buy and plot for the future.

Bahria Town Peshawar Facilities and Services

Bahria Town is a private authority willing to provide as many services as it can to compete with its competitors. The main aim is to provide facilities and services to attract real estate clients to level up their lifestyle and comfort. Bahria town practiced many people-friendly services in its previous project. It is expected to improve the standard of services in Bahria town Peshawar. Bahria town always tries to implement new things in term to facilitate its customers.

There are the following services and facilities Bahria town Peshawar offers:

1. Gated Community: Bahria town covers its territory with covered community gates. They are popular with strict security and use of CCTV cameras. A safe and secure security environment is the priority for real estate clients. It is expected to improve auto gate opening and security.

2. Parks and Green Areas: Parks are necessary for public heaths. Bahria town includes parks and green areas for public relaxation and outdoor activities

3. Educational Institutions: Education institutions including schools, colleges, and universities are part of Bahria town projects. Bahria town already built educational institutions in other housing societies in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Quality education is the right of kids and Bahria Town helps to fulfill commitments.

4. Hospitals and Healthcare Centers: Healthcare facilities are essential in housing societies. Societies where people demand hospitals and health centers. Bahria town built many international standard hospitals. There are many hospitals and kidney, and cancer centers operational in Bahria town. Bahria town will continue this practice in Bahria town Peshawar.

5. Commercial Activities: Modern real estate consists of commercial zones. Commercial zones include shopping malls, retail outlets, and groceries supermarkets for the convenience of Bahria town residents.

6. Sports Complexes: Sports activities are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Bahria town facilitates its communities with different sports complexes such as cricket, football, tennis courts, riding clubs, spy, gyms, swimming pools, etc. Peshawar people are sports-friendly and Bahria town will offer sports complexes in the Peshawar project.

7. Religious Services:
Bahria town build a religious Centre for different communities with complete religious designs. There are many grand JAMA mosques, churches, and other community service centers operational in Bahria town.

8. Road and Infrastructure: Transportation and link road connectivity is the basic requirement of communities and housing societies. It requires planning and development. Bahria town plans road network according to its need to overcome traffic issues. There are 400”, 200”, 160”, 120”, 80”60, and 50” wide boulevard and road networks operational.

9. Water Supply and Sewerage System: Well-planned water supply and sewerage is Bahria town's future. People like to live in Bahria town because the sewerage system is well planned.

10. Community Centers: Bahria town offers private firms to build community centers and event spaces for gatherings and functions.

Bahria Town Peshawar Location

Bahria town Peshawar location is on national highway N-5 at Panam Dheri, Warsak Road, Peshawar. It is close to Nasir bagh, DHA Peshawar, and Hayatabad.

Bahria Town Location Map

Here, You can see the map location of Bahria town Peshawar 

Map shows the local are of bahria town peshawar  N-5 Road
Map shows the local areas of Peshawar and Bahria town

Other Bahria Town Real Estate Projects in Pakistan

Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Bharia town Rawalpindi phase 1 was the beginning of Bahria town. Initially awami villas one built and resident people in Bahria town. Bahria town Rawalpindi is located between Islamabad expressway and GT road. Bahria town phase 1 to phase 6 is located on one side of Swan River and the other side of GT road. Bahria town Rawalpindi planned well services and road network, sewerage, and security. Modern commercial areas are designed with a complete parking plan. Many commercial zones keep separate from residential areas.

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8

It is a very large size residential and commercial project in Bahria town. Bahria Phase 8 has over 60 thousand different sizes plots both included residential and commercial. Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8 is divided into different zones. In Bahria town, you can find sports grounds, riding clubs, food streets, international-level retail stores, apartments, mega shopping malls, schools, colleges, and universities

The road network is splendid in Bahria town phase 8. There are different sizes of main boulevard roads network connecting Bahria town with GT road and in the future with Rawalpindi ring road routes. In the future, the road network make Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8 distant from the location of the new Islamabad airport 30 minutes’ drive.

Different zones of Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8

  • Awami villas
  • Safari Valley
  • Bahria Green/Overseas Sectors
  • Bahria town phase 8 Alphabetic sectors
  • Bahria Hamlet
  • Garden City
  • Bahria Orchard Phase 8
  • Bharia extension phase 8
  • Bahria hills
  • Intellectual Village Bahria Homes
  • Commercial Zones
  • Business District
  • Lake View Business Zone
  • Ring Road Commercial
  • Rafi Commercial
  • Overseas Commercial
  • Bahria Expressway Commercial
  • Hub Commercial
  • Linear Commercial

Bahria Enclave Islamabad:

Bahria enclave is a beautiful project of Bahria town in Islamabad. It is 25km away from the main zero point Islamabad. It has a beautiful location around margala hills. Bahria enclaves are divided into residential and commercial zones. There are different sectors alphabetically from A to Z.

Residential plots sizes:

  • 5 Marla (25x45)
  • 8 Marla (30 x 55)
  • 10 Marla (35 x70)
  • 12 Marla(35x 75)
  • 20 Marla (50 x 90)
  • 40 Marla (75 x 120)

Bahria Town Lahore

Lahore is the heart of Pakistan and 3rd adventure of Bahria town. The special thing about Lahore is the artistic work of builders to give the Bahria town Lahore style, appearance, and look to buildings, community centers, and roads. Bahria town Lahore is a mixture of traditional and modern lifestyles farmhouses, bungalows, and economy housing, Bahria town developed the following projects at the time it includes Safari Villas, Bahria Orchard, Bahria Oasis, Ahram-e-Misr Bahria Springs, Executive Lodges, Canal View Residency, Golf View Residency, Bahria Nasheman, Bahria Education, and Medical City, State-of-the-art Schools, and hospitals.

Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria town Karachi was the 4th major venture of Bahria town in Sindh. It was hard for Bahria town to stand against the Memon business community in Karachi. Bahria town Karachi area is 46000 acres and divided into 60 precincts. Bahria town used a big amount of area in a road infrastructure network. There are big 400” wide main boulevard roads enough to fulfill the next 75 years' traffic needs. In the last six years, Bahria Town Karachi has provided a high-standard lifestyle for the residents with safe neighborhoods and outstanding facilities for sports, entertainment, business, and religious activities.

Bahria town Karachi – II

Bahria town Karachi is the 2nd project of Bahria town in Karachi. There are also residential and commercial plots in Bahria town Karachi II.

Bahria Town Nawab Shah

Nawabshah is the 5th adventure of Bahria town. Bahria town Nawabshah was a small venture but new for Sindhi people with complete living standards. Bahria town offered residential and commercial plots for development and construction. This community is designed with a neighborhood concept to provide outstanding lifestyle facilities to its residents and has introduced new benchmarks of community development in Nawabshah.

Customer’s Opinion Bahria Town

Bahria town is a prime developing society for the Pakistani public and overseas Pakistanis. There are thousands of satisfied customers of Bahria town worldwide and domestically. Many people are happy and some are not satisfied. It has many reasons behind this. 

Overall, Bahria is a Business Company and aims to earn money from the business. In this case, many people are suffering regarding their properties, files, and investments. Over 80% of real estate clients and investors get a high amount of profit and get many benefits from Bahria town. Bharia Town is an organized housing and development society. Customers are happy with the services and like to invest in Bahria town. Bahria Town always tries to fulfill customers' demands and gain trust.

Author’s Words For Bahria Town

In my opinion, Bahria town is a well-established developing and housing society. Since 1996 Bahria town developed over 40,000 acres of land in Pakistan and its total covered area is 50,000 acres. The period and areas show the maturity level of the company and business. It plays a vital role in the employment sector; people invest in Bahria town without fear of the loss of investment. Over 500,000 people are living only in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Bahria Town is a secure housing society for real estate investors and clients for living and business purposes. I found a lot of propaganda against Bahria town in media streams. It is valid when you operate in a large circle. Things take time to settle down. Bahria town is a brand in Pakistan and most people love to live and do business in Bahria town. Prices are compatible and people can afford them.

Bahria town Peshawar is a new venture of Bahria town. Recently Bahria Town Karachi II was launched. Many experts say, it is a flop or fail show of Bahria town. I think if you have an area of 16000 Acres. It takes time to settle down. Circumstances are different in Bahria town Peshawar. It has 10,000 Acres land. 

It takes time to develop like 5 to 7 years minimum depending on the speed of development. Bahria tow Peshawar has the advantages of poor economic situation, prices of plots will be low, and high currency exchange rates attract foreign investments. Overseas Pakistanis especially people from KPK like to invest in such conditions. The success of Bahria town Peshawar takes time and Bahria town has strong financial strength and developing infrastructure.

Real estate clients and investors need to invest in Bahria town Peshawar. In a comparison of Bahria town Peshawar and the rest of Bahria town, real estate clients have enough time to maintain investment for 3 years minimum. Prices will increase over time with development. Moreover, Bahria town is known for secure investment and clear documentation i.e. NOCs.

Important FAQs Bahria Town Peshawar

Question 1: What is bahria town Peshawar?
Bahria town Peshawar is the 7th real estate project of bahria town.
Question-2:What is the bahria town location?
2P82+G6M, Grand Trunk Rd, Tarnab, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa P.O Box 25000
Question 3:What is bahria town Peshawar payment plan?
Bahria town Peshawar payments plan is coming soon on
Question-4:What is the sales office address of bahria town peshawar?
2P82+G6M, Grand Trunk Rd, Tarnab, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa P.O Box 25000
Question-5:What are the products of bahria town Peshawar? Bahria town deals in residential and commercial real estate plots, houses, villas and apartments.
Question-6:How to find bahria town Peshawar map?
You can find bahria town Peshawar map on
Question-7:Where is bahria town Peshawar price lists?
Bahria town Peshawar properties price lists will appear soon after announcement on
Question-8:What are bahria town Peshawar latest updates?
All set for bahria town Peshawar Please visit SM Realty and Marketing for more details
Question-9:What is bahria town Peshawar latest news?
Visit for latest news about bahria town Peshawar.

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