Social Media Marketing in Real Estate Business


This is an article about “Social Media Marketing in Real Estate Business” where readers can find information about social media audiences, user sizes, popular forms of social media platforms, design of social media marketing according to content types, and the author's point of view and suggestion. Moreover, authors try to understand and define topics for readers in the form of images and info graphics to help readers. I will be useful in designing accurate marketing strategies for real estate professionals.

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Social Media Marketing in Real Estate Business

Remember! It's specially designed for real estate, products, and brand promotion. However, General social media marketers also use this strategy for their non-real estate products and brands. Because it is also a content-based marketing strategy on different social media sites

Social Media Marketing in Real Estate Business

Social media marketing in the real estate business is now essential. Attracting real estate clients on social media helps to find real estate leads. People use social media every day. All social media sites influence human behaviors. All forms of social media are popular among its audience. Real estate business marketers can reach effectively with a larger audience. So we can say modern real estate businesses need a presence on social websites.

Real estate businesses need a presence on social media. It is essential because people all over the world use different regional and international social media sites. Real estate professionals in modern times cannot neglect social media for business promotion. Real estate Clients search for products on social media. The advancement of technology and paid speed of the internet make access more clear and simple. There are many ways for real estate professionals on social media to engage communities.

In 2024 social media is a popular form of information, communication, and entertainment. People love to come on different social media sites. The large audience of social media is an attraction for people in business. Modern social media platforms are divided into many social sites. Now social sites are categorized in many forms according to the nature of contents. The categorization of social media divides its audience. The best example to understand this like, if you use images then you can use Pinterest or Instagram. If you like to watch long video content use YouTube.

Social media is a very time-consuming activity. To market your business on social media you need to select social sites according to your content nature. It reduces your marketing cost, and time, helps to attract a specific audience, and gets business leads.

Remember! Social media marketing is time-consuming. To get better reach design your marketing campaign on paper before implementation.

Social Media Sites Audience for Real Estate Marketing

It is essential to understand the number of audiences on different social media sites for real estate professionals in terms of real estate marketing. It gives real estate marketers an insight into figures.

Here is the information about social media sites' active users daily. It helps to understand the potential of social media sites for real estate business growth.

Facebook: Facebook is the most popular social platform for users. There are over 2.8 billion monthly active users on Facebook who come to use it for information, communication, and entertainment. Facebook offers to create groups, pages, and a Facebook marketplace for real estate professionals.

Content on Facebook you can upload, includes posts, images, reels, and long videos. However, long-written content is sometimes spam and ignored on Facebook. So if you are a content writer better you use Medium, Reddit, and Tumblr or a personal blog website.

Facebook marketplace is a unique method to upload your real estate products like, houses, flats, shops, or spaces directly in the form of images. The good thing about the Facebook marketplace you can change location and enter any local market to promote your listings.

Facebook offers free and paid promotions for business communities. As a real estate professional, you can use both methods.

Use Facebook business pages for uploading real estate listings. Target your audience according to your needs, you can promote your brand and get leads.

YouTube: YouTube is a brand of Google. It has over 2 billion monthly users. It is a popular form of long video content. However, since 2020 to tackle TikTok. There is an option for YouTube shorts.

Real estate professionals can market their listings on YouTube in the form of video content.

There are no length limits for contents. Make sure you follow the YouTube algorithm to get success on YouTube.

There are paid promotion offers and facilities for real estate listings on YouTube.

Whats App: Whats App is very useful for instant texting, and messaging and effective for international voice and video calls. There are over 2 billion monthly active users. Since 2023, Whats App has offered marketing and promotion opportunities to all businesses including real estate.

Real estate professionals can promote images in the form of listings on Whats App.

Upload stories of your products daily. Get clients and engage your existing clients with fresh information.

Whats App allows you to make professional group and live broadcasts about your listings

Instagram: Instagram is a part of Facebook Company. It is a popular form of content that includes images, stories, and Instagram shorts. People like to see or use it for images and short videos. There are over 1 billion monthly active users.

Instagram is good for real estate brand imaging. To promote a real estate brand, I must say use Instagram with attractive images and reels about your products.

TikTok: TikTok few years ago was a social site for face-to-face communication. It has attractive effects. Its unique features make it popular with the audience. It has over 1 billion monthly active users.

TikTok offers business accounts for businesses to upload listings and brand promotions to get leads. it is good for shorts, long video content, and live options. Its live streaming is better than Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. However, the video length is limited.

Wee Chat: A Chinese Instant message platform that is popular in China for communication. There are over 1.2 billion monthly active users most of them from China. It’s available in 17 languages.

To get real estate clients by promoting listings use Wee Chat

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals. It has over 740 million registered users. As a real estate professional use and make your professional profiles.

LinkedIn offers to upload images and videos. It is essential to share professional thoughts to engage audiences on linked.

As a real estate professional LinkedIn offers you to create newsletters. It’s good to write long content about your bands, products, and projects. The presence of LinkedIn engages you with other professionals. It’s good to get potential clients.

Twitter: Twitter or X is a platform to inform your audience. Mostly celebrities use Twitter or twits. A good platform for informing about real estate products and brands. There are over 400 million monthly active users on Twitter.

Twitter offers paid promotions for different businesses. However, Real estate professionals need to engage users to provide them with information about brands.

Mostly People do not write back directly.

Pinterest: Pinterest is specially designed to promote brands with info graphics and images. Over 454 million active users on Pinterest. As a real estate marketer use Pinterest to promote your listings about houses, flats, apartments, and spaces.

Make sure images are attractive, eye-catching, and appealing. 

Author’s Remarks “Social Media Sites Audience for Real Estate Marketing”

Audiences on popular social media sites are divided in terms of geography, demographics, including profession, gender, and age, etc. However, all forms of social networks audience in millions and billions of users. The number of audiences is a big potential for real estate business communities to engage people. All forms of social media are good for brand awareness.

I suggest business firms create pages on all popular social networks. It helps you to build brand image, promotion, and awareness. It is necessary to establish business and recognition.

Design a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Design social media marketing strategy practically rather than by book. Just make strategy simple and effective to give come-outs. Real estate business success belongs to real estate leads. To get leads, realtors need to design real estate listings in the form of content and then promote different content according to social media sites. Some content is popular on one social site and fails to get reach on other social media platforms.

To design a social media marketing strategy, it is essential to determine the channel of communication, time of promotion campaign, and marketing cost to achieve success in real estate business on social media.

Here, I design social media marketing strategies for real estate products based on real estate content.

This social media marketing strategy is unique, accurate, time-saving, and cost-effective for real estate businesses.

Author’s Statement on “Design Social Media Marketing Strategy”

Designing and implementing a marketing strategy on social media requires planning, implementation, and controlling things. It requires a clear mindset, and focus on the product’s content, time, and cost of all marketing activities.

Real Estate Contents Types and Promotion

Long Written Content: Long written content is the form of text. It is used to explain brands and products in the form of texts. There best social media sites for long content are; LinkedIn, LinkedIn newsletter, Tumblr, Medium, Reddit, and personal websites or blogs.

Long content helps you to explain your products and everything. Long content helps to get leads.

It is a brand image of a real estate firm or its products.

Real Estate Products Photo or Image: If you want to design an image and promote your products. Use Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Pinterest.

All these forms of social media sites are specially designed for images and photos.

All these social media platforms offer paid services to boost content for targeted audiences.

Shorts Video Content: Use YouTube shorts, Facebook reels, Instagram, and TikTok to promote real estate products.

People like to use the above social sites, especially for short forms of video content.

In short video form, a message should be clear and short about your brand and products.

Long Video Content: The most unique social platform for creating long video content is YouTube. It offers you an unlimited length of video. However, Facebook Meta, Instagram, and TikTok offer spaces for long video content but in limited length.

All the above social sites offer paid and targeted promotion for your content.

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Social Media Marketing in Real Estate Business

Author’s Statements on “Real Estate Contents Types and Promotion”

To get success on social media for marketing and business growth. It requires dividing your content in the form of short text, long written text, photos, images, reels, shorts, and long video forms. Once the real estate market clears content and promotes it with the above social media marketing strategy.

  • To get better real on social media networks. Upload your content generally without paid promotion.
  • Always try to boost or make paid promotions after 3 days of uploading content.
  • Target audience according to your product demands.
  • Be clear about what you want to achieve from your promotion either, brand promotion or getting leads. 
  • If you want to increase sales from your real estate listings, focus on real estate clients and investors.
  • To increase your brand image and awareness from your marketing campaign on social media networks. Use general public with paid promotion. Different social media networks offer maximum reach.


The topic “Social media marketing in real estate business” Helped you to social media audiences and their appearances on different social network sites. It helps you to focus on specific social media networks according to the types of content.

It is a more content-based real estate marketing strategy for social media. Because some content is popular on one social site and unpopular on another network site. To make a marketing campaign effective on social media divide your product content in different forms.

Remember! There are many types of content are popular on different social network sites. To make a successful marketing strategy, this article must help you to design.

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